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A telecentric laser scanner for the measurement of small objects (diameter < 100 µm). The position of a fibre or the single positions of fibres within a bundle are measured with high precision within a range of up to 130 mm x 200 mm.

The figure shows the Fibre-Position-Scanner. The single positions (perpendicular to the instrument's axis) of all fibres in the measurement field (the illuminated area between emitter and receiver) are detected. As the figure shows, the distance between the single fibre and the components is uncritical. Only light touches the fibre, a fixation is not necessary. The usual measurement errors by an influence of a fixation on the threadline are avoided.

Therefore the device is ideally suited for fibre research. For example it allows a direct visualisation of changes in threadline diameter and deflection resulting from different process settings, direct evaluation of enhanced model calculations of fibre formation (including simulations of fibre deflection). By moving the system along the draw axis it is possible to measure deflection profiles.


Measurement Objects:
  • fibres (diameter < 100 µm) of any material,
  • fibre bundles up to 120 mm diameter,
  • minimal distance of fibres ~2 mm.
  • centre position and diameter of filament bundles
  • single positions.
  • 1 µm.
Measurement Range:
  • dependant on scanner type 50 mm up to 130 mm perpendicular to optical axis.
Special Features:
  • high robustness against movement of objects along the optical axis,
  • minimal effort of adjustments.
  • scanner (emits the laser beam),
  • receiver (behind measurement object, facing the emitter),
  • supply unit,
  • PC.
  • telecentric laser scanner.

Further information on the measurement principle and applications of this sensor are found in the literature.

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