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Seam Detector

Measurement field of the seam detector (Reflector, Article, Sensor)

Seam detection for high quality, high speed printing

The glass seam sensor permits the automatic recognition of the form seams of clear articles, turned in the measuring field of the sensor. He provides an Encoder interface to the recognition of the angles of the admission of the glass. With a rotation of the article in the measuring field the sensor determines the angle of the admission with which the form seams are in the reference position. Within one millisecond after end of the rotation of the article in the measuring field the angles of the glass are determined and transmitted via RS-232. The measurement of the seam positions can occur with rotating speeds up to more than 800 rotations per minute.

Application Fields

Printing industry

For the high-quality printing of container glasses or other glasses which are produced by forms, the angle of the object must be grasped in the admission of the printing machine unambiguously. Only so can be guaranteed that, for example, a company name is printed exactly in the middle of an elevation (Embossing) - or small print as for example results of analysis does not become unreadable by printing on the seam. In contrast to the established mechanical systems which touching marks on the bottle ground a robust contact free recognition of the seam positions can occur with the glass seam sensor also with very high rotating speeds and printing speeds.


  • transparent (transmission > 10 %) clear or colored glasses
  • diameter < 110 mm
  • Seam positions (angles) at which the seam is directed upon a reference position.
  • optional diameter
Laser class:
  • 3R.
  • Binary control signals
  • RS-232 interface (result transmission and parameter settings)
  • Interface for incremental angle encoder
 Power Supply:
  • 24 V
  • 190 mm (B) x 245 mm (L) x 150 mm (H)


The software is fully integrated into the sensor. For the teach-in of new articles and test purposes additional software (Windows) is included.

Additional information:

 Hartrumpf, M.: "Laserscanner-Meßsystem".
German Patent Application DE 198 06 288 A 1 ,(16.02.1998)

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