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Our Retro-Scanner is a telecentric laser scanner for all purposes with limited space behind the measurement object.

The usual telecentric laser scanners comprise an emitter and a receiver, both located on opposite sides of the measurement object. Differing from that, the retro scanner comprises only a combined emitter / receiver unit (transceiver) and a small retroreflective stripe (height ~ 3 mm) "behind" the measurement object. This concept provides three main advantages: less effort in the adjustment of the system, minimal space requirement and of course less effort in the installation at a production plant.


Measurement objects:
  • all objects, shadowing (partially) an incoming laser beam,
  • outer contours up to 120 mm,
  • minimal distance between contour edges 2 mm.
Measurement values:
  • object edges (shadow edges) or values directly related to object edges (object diameter, slit width...)
  • 1 µm.
Measurement range:
  • depending on scanner type from 50 mm up to 130 mm perpendicular to the optical axis.
Special features:
  • high robustness against movement of object along the optical axis,
  • minimal effort of adjustments.
  • combined emitter / receiver (transceiver),
  • retroreflector (behind measurement object, facing the transceiver),
  • supply unit,
  • PC.
Measurement principle:
  • telecentric laser scanner (evaluation of the object's shadow).


 Hartrumpf, M.: "Laserscanner-Meßsystem".
German Patent Application DE 198 06 288 A 1 ,(16.02.1998)

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